The History of OnlineLandUSA

The History of OnlineLandUSA

In the 1920s our great-grandfather, Maurice Thompson, started selling real estate in Dallas, Texas. He sold land, oil leases, and other types of real estate. Maurice’s son and our grandfather, Robert Thompson, followed in his footsteps selling real estate but specialize in selling land. As a family, we have continued as a third and fourth-generation family selling land. It is because of this long history of acquiring land at reduced costs that we are able to offer this land for sale to our customers at huge savings.

What makes us stand out

We are Trustworthy: We’ve been selling land for 4 generations

We are Reliable: We work hard to make our customers happy

Peace of Mind: You are given a one year exchange privilege

Everyone Qualifies: There are no background or credit checks

Warranty Deed: You are given a warranty deed to the property

Different Types of Land: Look on the map to see which property is right for you!

OnlineLandUSA Today

Over the years, investments in land have proven to be more stable and reliable than investments in the fluctuating housing market. At we offer you land with low down payments and monthly payments that are often times less expensive than a daily cup of coffee. Additionally, owner financing is available and there are no credit checks or references needed. We make your dream of purchasing land easy and affordable. So, take a look at our different properties and bid on the one that fits your needs and remember what Andrew Carnegie once said, “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through real estate.”

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